Easily Get Your Screen Printing Order Placed

November 03, 2017

Have you been put in charge of ordering t-shirts and you absolutely no idea how to start? Or maybe you do know but have zero time to think about it? We completely understand that here at Surge and over the past ten years have tried to make your part of getting that order in as easy as possible.


When it comes to getting you a quote, we do our best to get that for you as quickly as possible but in order to do so, there is some information we need in regards to garment, quantity, and design. Let us know what type of garment or garments you are wanting. If it is just t-shirts or if it is tees, long sleeve tees, and hoodies, we need to know so that we can get you quotes for all of those.

Project Manager At Worker

One of the biggest factor in pricing the quote is the quantity. With the way our equipment operates, we unfortunately cannot print just one or two shirts. The more garments you do order (that have the same print), the more cost effective the price is per garment.

The design also plays a role in the quote. If you know exactly what you are wanting with ink colors and all, great! If not, no worries! We can help and give you some prices based on a few different options. When it comes to design, remember, the higher quantity, fewer ink colors, and fewer print locations are the most budget friendly options.


As was mentioned above, you don’t have to have your design figured out when you start working on your order with us. We have wonderful graphic artists on staff that do some pretty fantastic work. Artwork typically takes around two business days from when the Project Manager working on your order gets your art details and gives them to the Art Department. Sometimes you may decide that you want to change some of the aspects of the art when you get that sent to you. We call this revisions. In order to keep from having many revisions or getting unnecessary art charges on your order, make sure to give as much detail as you can to the Project Manager. If you have inspiration for your design, perhaps a font that you like or a color scheme, please send all that so we can do our best to get it right the first time.

Example of Design

If you already have your artwork exactly like you want it printed, we will definitely use it on your order! What we would need from you is to provide print ready artwork. Your project specialist can help you determine what is print ready.

Regardless of if you are providing the artwork or if you are having us create your design, we always proof the design on the garments from your order. The Project Manager will always send this to you. Once you get that and approve it, we can move on to the printing stage!


In order to print, we have to have a few things from you: the artwork approved, the sizes that you need, and arrangements for payment. If you are using an order form for your sizes, please send a master list over with all of the totals. If you are collecting the sizes by other means, just a list of the totals works! Once we receive those sizes, we get them entered into our system and send over an order confirmation that shows the details of the order. It is imperative that you look over the garments, garment colors, sizes, and quantities to make sure everything is correct. Mistakes do happen and, by checking that confirmation, a lot of mistakes can easily be corrected.

Money is usually people’s least favorite aspect of ordering anything, but don’t stress about it! Just ask your Project Manager what your options are for payment and we can get that straightened out quickly! Be sure to provide all of the necessary documents if your organization is tax exempt.

Print Head

The printing process itself takes 3 business days for school orders and 4 business days for other businesses and organizations. Make sure to let your Project Manager know when you are needing the shirts by so that we can meet your deadline. If the time frame is under our standard turnaround times, we can usually try to rush the job through and make it in time for you! We value our customers and want to make sure you get awesome shirts for whatever you need.


If we didn’t answer all of your questions with this post, feel free to contact us with those or if you are ready to place an order!

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