The fundraiser proceeds will go to the AFSP (American Foundation For Suicide Prevention) in honor of my Daughter Bryanna.

Here is our team link for the Elizabethtown, Ky AFSP Community Walk  in September. Anyone can join our team and walk with us , or they can choose a virtual option by registering with the link below and click on the Join our Team button. If COVID-19 prevents us from walking in person , all registrants will be made virtual . This will be Elizabethtown’s first ever AFSP community walk .
  1. This is a pre-order of garments for Bryanna's Kaleidoscopes. No garments are printed yet.
  2. This webstore will close Thursday, August 20th at 9am.
  3. No printed merchandise in this store is available to view or purchase at Surge. If you would like to stop by for sizing we do have blank samples in store.
  4. When the store is closed all merchandise will be produced and will ship out by Friday, August 31st via USPS.
  5. All sales are final. If we happened to have made a mistake on your order (wrong size, misprint, misspelled name, etc.) we will be happy to replace your item. However, no returns are available.

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