We are so glad to offer apparel for the Henry Clay High School Girls Lacrosse Team!
Before diving in to your favorite new apparel, here are a few important notes about your purchasing from this custom webstore:

  1. All items are sold on a pre-order basis. This web store is open now and will be 
    closed by the end of the day on February 1, 2019 at approximately 5 PM.

  2. When orders are completed and sorted, they will be available to pick up from Henry Clay High School starting Friday, February 15th.
    You  can call or text Piper Lewis at 859-230-0025 if you have any questions.
  3. No printed merchandise in this store is available to view or purchase at Surge.
  4. All sales are final. If we happened to have made a mistake on your order (wrong size, misprint, etc.)
    we will be happy to fix the issue. Unfortunately no returns are available for printed garments.
  5. This webstore is operated by Surge. If you have any questions regarding the garments, payment information
    or other website issues please contact Kimber at 859-624-0045 or email her here.

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