This is a space for expression, where anything can be everything. 
Intake the culture, intake the creativity, intake the passion, take in the vi2ion

The brand's original logo consists of a purple font, in remembrance of my beautiful late grandmother, Gloria. 

  1. All items are sold on a pre-order basis. This web store is open now and will be closed on the morning of Monday May 3rd at approximately 9AM.
  2. You can select to arrange pickup from Kaysha in the radius of Louisville and Richmond areas or have your order shipped directly to your home. 
  3. Orders will be produced appx. 7-10 business days after May 3rd and pickup/deliveries will be completed after that point.
  4. For any questions about the merchandise or to discuss pickups, you can contact Kaysha here
  5. No printed merchandise in this store is available to view or purchase at Surge.
  6. All sales are final. If we happened to have made a mistake on your order (wrong size, misprint, etc.) we will be happy to fix the issue. Unfortunately no returns are available for printed garments.
  7. This webstore is operated by Surge. If you have any questions regarding the garments, payment information or other website issues please contact Casey at 859-624-0045 or email her here.


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