Chris' Story

As many of you know Chris Snowden was in an accident on 8/19 that has left him paralyzed from the waist down. He has several broken bones in the back, neck, and wrist, cracked ribs, and is now on a vent due to a collapsed lung that now has an infection.

Chris' employment has been the only income for the past three years due to the health of his wife, Crystal. Bills will continue to add up along with other expenses, such as driving and at-home changes for Chris. Although we are very hopeful that Chris will return to normal , we know changes will have to be made for his recovery process!

There will also be expenses for the girls along the way and we don’t want them to miss out or do without while Chris is in the hospital and Crystal is taking care of him!

This will be a workers comp situation, but when it does kick in, it will only be 66% and the claim hasn’t been started. We do not want them to get behind on bills and we do not want them worried over money! Shirts are available to show your support of Chris and help cheer him on while he is on his road to recovery.  Proceeds benefit the Snowden family.

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