Please help the support the Worley family! Luke was born with several congenital heart defects, the most severe being essentially half a heart. He has had 4 open heart surgeries, a stroke and a brain surgery. December 7th, 40 days into his current hospitalization, Luke received a heart transplant. Though the procedure didn't come without complications, Luke is continuing to progress slowly and things are going in the right direction.

We are helping the Worley family by offering #SuperLuke t-shirts to help support Luke in his journey. #SuperLuke t-shirts are available for purchase online, and can be shipped or picked up from Julie Worley 7-10 business days after the webstore closes. All proceeds from t-shirt sales will be donated to the Worley family for medical expenses.

  1. All items are sold on a pre-order basis. This web store is open now and will be closed on the morning of March 4th at approximately 9AM.
  2. When orders are completed and sorted, orders will be picked up by Julie Worley and she will arrange distribution of individual orders (If you selected pickup as the option). You can email Julie for any questions. If shipping option is selected, the orders will be shipped out appx. 7-10 business days after the store closes.
  3. No printed merchandise in this store is available to view or purchase at Surge.
  4. All sales are final. If we happened to have made a mistake on your order (wrong size, misprint, etc.) we will be happy to fix the issue. Unfortunately no returns are available for printed garments.
  5. This webstore is operated by Surge. If you have any questions regarding the garments, payment information or other website issues please contact Emily Couch at 859-624-0045 or email her here.

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