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T. Bombadils - Batch 005
T. Bombadils - Batch 005

T. Bombadils - Batch 005

$ 26.99

** REPRINT/PRE-ORDER ** Kits will be available to pickup or ship out on Wednesday July 20th, 2022.

Surge Small Batch merch is the definition of PREMIUM. We've sampled and reviewed all of the top fabrics, fits and styles along with numerous retail finishings and settled on the ultimate offering to you! Here is how you will fall in love with the Surge Small Batch merch experience:

  • Each kit contains an amazing shirt, a great story, and other add-ons to complete the small batch experience.
  • We use the finest fabrics, and this particular drop is 4.3 oz, 100% combed ring spun cotton, 34 singles.
  • Printed with the finest water-based and discharging inks leaving your prints incredible soft. No bullet-proof imprints and scratchiness.
  • Free Shipping, forever and always.
  • LIMITED! Each merch kit is hand numbered in batches less than 150. Are you going to collect them all?

* These Small Batch shirts are a "Fashion Fit" and run slightly slimmer through the body and has shorter sleeves. Unfortunately due to the nature of small batches/limited quantity, all sales are final.

“He was always trying to find that one thing that would make people come up there for a while,” - Kim Billings

For many fiction fans, The Lord of the Rings was an all-time favorite book series. That could also be said for Dave Billings,former owner of an all-time favorite Richmond bar: T. Bombadil’s (or T-Bombs). T-Bombs was named after the book character Tom Bombadil, and the Middle Earth theme carried over into the decor with a dragon mural, and drink names such as “Baggins' Brew.”

What became known as T-Bombs was originally called Sam’s Place and several other short-lived monikers, owned by Sam Billings. His sons, Dave and Kim, convinced Sam to convert his bar and adjacent pawn shop into a college bar. Shortly after returning home from the military in 1977, Dave opened the doors of T. Bombadil’s. Kim followed Dave into the bar business in 1980, when his own military service ended.

The local nightspot served as a downtown landmark for 30 years, providing live music and cheap drinks – a constant favorite for several generations of Eastern Kentucky University students.

Patrons were greeted with a neon green “T-Bombadil’s” sign which matched the building’s green facade, and surrounding beer neons that dotted the windows and walls. The local nightlife spot was known for large parties and big events on the great patio in the back. An outdoor bar, drink tubs, seating,and a stage allowed bands from all over to come and entertain the crowds. One such event: a huge party in 1983 commemorating the series finale of M*A*S*H. Partiers dressed as characters from the show and the bar sold drinks out of IV bottles. There were also Halloween parties with pumpkin bowling,Thanksgiving parties with turkey bowling,and giant New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Many T-Bomb’s fans would agree that owner Dave Billings was what made the nightspot different, and special.“Dave would travel to different places and go to different parts of the country and even foreign countries, and pick up little things and bring them in and try them out in T-Bombs,” said former patron and employee, Curt Chapman.“He was always trying to find that one thing that would make people come up there for a while,” Kim recalled of his brother.

Alongside the “Baggin’s Brew,” T-Bomb’s was infamous for their popular “Upside Down Margaritas.” Patrons would lean their heads back against the bar,and drinks were poured and mixed straight in their mouths.T-Bombs received several “Best of Richmond” awards from student polls during its storied history, including recognition for “Best Bar” and “Best Live Music Venue.”

Sadly, owner David Billings passed away in 2006, and the bar closed a few years later in 2010. The building was eventually demolished, and the Madison County Family Court building now stands in its place.

About the Artist - Shannon Adams

Shannon Adams is an illustrator and designer from Richmond now based in Boston, Mass. Focused on branding and commercial illustration, he has worked for brands like Sperry,New Balance, TB12, and more locally known: Dreaming Creek Brewery.


Surge Small Batch, a passion project of Surge Screen Printing and Embroidery, is a premium, limited-run merch line featuring iconic businesses, events and people in our community. Each monthly release, or “drop”, is purposely hand-crafted in batches of 100 or less, with each item being hand numbered. And once they are gone....they are GONE!


Devon Price

Owner of Surge, serial musician and probably has mutual friends with you.

My favorite thing about Surge Small Batch is the nostalgia of the project. Obviously, some of the subjects are closer to me personally than others, but the project as a whole generates those old memories and feeling we all love to experience!

Matt Browning

Owner of Surge and lover of hiking and bourbon, just not at the same time.

The reason that I have love Surge Small Batch is because it brings our team together and grows us in so many ways. These drops stretch our muscles regarding the quality of merch experience that we can provide to our customers. I'm so excited to see how the project grows!

Casey McKean

Sales Manager at Surge and Brindle Doggie Momma who loves cruising in her Jeep.

I love being able to connect with our community even more, and providing them an outlet to tell their stories. I am also very proud of the quality of merch that we are producing. They are not only items that have meaningful stories, but the items are so nice, that anyone would be proud to own them!

Alex Jones

Production Manager at Surge and Paintball and Woodworking Ninja

At our core, I think we are all artists that are here to create. We take ideas that are important to you and make those into a reality. Small Batch is one of the few ways we get to take our own ideas of something that's important to us and just create something to share with with you.