Madison County T-Shirt Project Resources

We're excited to announce a collaborative t-shirt project with Madison County students, parents, teachers and community members. To give an in-depth behind the scenes view of the screen printing process and to bring the community together for something fun during this time, Surge is going live on Facebook on Monday, March 30th, Wednesday April 1st and Friday April 3rd. We will be collaborating with our community on designing and printing a community-themed t-shirt. We will be interacting with viewers on the design process and showing you just how we take the project all the way through the printing process from conception to completion. We can't wait for you to join us!

Below are design templates for you to use. Remember, submit designs to us through our Facebook page or via email at Be sure to include your name and contact info!

Click here to purchase the final t-shirt from the Madison County T-Shirt Project!

T-Shirt Template - jpg

T-Shirt Template - PDF

Madison County Outline Template - jpg

Madison County Outline Template - PDF

Kentucky Outline Template - jpg

Kentucky Outline Template - PDF