Surge and Paint the Town Pink

Surge has been partners with Paint the Town Pink since it's beginning in 2009. When Jill Williams, owner of The Boutique at Merle Norman, came up with the idea just days after losing her grandmother to breast cancer, she knew she needed shirts to help engage the community. She called Matt Browning, co-owner of Surge, and Surge answered the call in the first critical moments of Paint the Town Pink and began designing the first signature Paint the Town Pink pink t-shirt. 

After Matt and Jill teamed up and created the first Paint the Town Pink t-shirt design, they decided that the shirts would need to be sold in-store to better reach the community. Jill approached the previous owner of The Boutique at Merle Norman, Linda West with the idea, and Linda quickly agreed to sell the pink tees in-store.

Just as Jill and Matt anticipated, the shirts were very popular among the Madison County community and sold quickly from the Merle Norman store-- from this moment on, the pink tees became a staple in the Paint the Town Pink campaign. 

After the first year, other key community supporters became interested in and passionate about supporting the Paint the Town Pink campaign. One of these supporters was the Richmond local store, Soft Shoe, and after collaborating with Jill and Matt, Adam Griggs  of Soft Shoe became another key aspect to the campaign; becoming the second retail store for the pink tees in 2012.

Making the tees:

Every year, months before the Paint the Town Pink campaign begins, Surge and Baptist Health Richmond collaborate on a t-shirt design that they believe will appeal to the community. Every year the logo and design of the pink tee changes, making every year different in it's own way, but keeping the message the same--raising awareness for breast cancer. Through the years the committee has also decided to bring in other shirt styles to provide more options, like the now signature Paint the Town Pink raglan.

Printing the Tees:

Every year the pink tees are designed, ordered, printed and delivered from right here at Surge. Every year hundreds and hundreds of Paint the Town Pink t-shirts and raglans are printed for the campaign. Surge spends an extended amount of time picking out the perfect pink for the t-shirt itself, and also the mixing of colors to find the right pink for the design to compliment the shirt, and the brightest of white to really stand out. 

More than just a t-shirt

Though a shirt is a small thing, it can mean and say big things. The signature Paint the Town Pink shirts have helped to rally the community together to support the fight against breast cancer in a way that is far greater than what was originally seen. Paint the Town Pink in it's 10 years of awareness has raised more than $94,000 for local cancer charities. The campaign started as an idea and a t-shirt design and has grown into a staple in our community in Madison County. Paint the Town Pink has brought so much strength, encouragement, support and joy to the cancer survivors, patients and their families and friends in Madison County. Surge is deeply humbled to be a part of such a large and moving campaign. We look forward to many more years with Paint the Town Pink!

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