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Kenny's Drive In - Batch 004, 100 pieces
Kenny's Drive In - Batch 004, 100 pieces
Kenny's Drive In - Batch 004, 100 pieces
Kenny's Drive In - Batch 004, 100 pieces
Kenny's Drive In - Batch 004, 100 pieces
Kenny's Drive In - Batch 004, 100 pieces

Kenny's Drive In - Batch 004, 100 pieces

$ 26.99

Surge Small Batch merch is the definition of PREMIUM. We've sampled and reviewed all of the top fabrics, fits and styles along with numerous retail finishings and settled on the ultimate offering to you! Here is how you will fall in love with the Surge Small Batch merch experience:

  • Each kit contains an amazing shirt, a great story, and other add-ons to complete the small batch experience.
  • We use the finest fabrics, and this particular drop is 6.1oz, 100% ring spun garment dyed cotton.
  • Printed with the finest water-based and discharging inks leaving your prints incredible soft. No bullet-proof imprints and scratchiness.
  • Free Shipping, forever and always.
  • LIMITED! Each merch kit is hand numbered in batches less than 100. Are you going to collect them all?

* These Small Batch shirts are a "Relaxed Fit" and run true to size. Unfortunately due to the nature of small batches/limited quantity, all sales are final.

“We would pile up in the car and go for ice cream on hot summer nights!" - Tina Adams (FB)

Back in the 60s and 70s the fast food industry looked much different in Madison County. Iconic establishments such as the Colonel Drive-In, Burger-Matic, Frisch’s and Burger Broil were the go-to joints for all ages.
For a great night on the town folks would cruise, or “drive around”, in their cars for a date night, get together with friends, or even a family outing to find some great ice cream, burger or a coney.
One of whom is Bob-E Williams, one of three children of Kenny and Naomi Kiser who owned the iconic Kenny’s Drive-In.

Bob-E remembers cruising through Richmond in her Firebird, listening to music and cruising from one end at Jerry’s Drive-In down to the Burger-Matic. But her favorite stop was pulling into her family’s drive-in where there were coneys, milkshakes, ice cream cones, and those  slider-style “Kenny Burgers”!

Once parked outside of the drive-in, people would wait anxiously as their ice cream cones -- which cost 25 cents and were six inches tall -- were dipped in either chocolate, cherry or butterscotch topping by an employee wearing a white ‘soda jerk’ cap.
“We could generally get Dad to stop there on the way out of town as we headed back to the farm. Seeing those vanilla cones dipped into the chocolate was quite amazing, as we stood outside with those tobacco auction places behind us across the street,” said former patron Louie.

The burgers were only 19 cents each, which was convenient for feeding a family or going out for a friends get together. This meant you could get five Kenny Burgers and cover tax with only a dollar bill!“

We would pile up in the car and go for ice cream on hot summer nights,” recalled Tina Adams on Facebook.
“It was always great to stop there on our way home. The ice cream was such a welcome treat on a hot day. Had to eat it fast because the car didn't have A/C and it melted fast,” Ruth Rogers Hawkins reminisced.

Even employees who worked under the Kiser’s have fond memories of plentiful milkshakes and everyone coming for a famous coney, with a homemade chili recipe made by Naomi. She would make a huge batch of her amazing chili in a 10 gallon pot and transport it over to the restaurant.“

I worked there for a couple of years in high school in ‘66 and ‘67 for Kenny and Naomi. The whole staff were guys 16 to 19 and we had a ball. Started at $0.75 per hour and finally got raised to $1.00. Of course, gas was only $0.25 per gallon, so it was all relative. Besides, we got to eat our mistakes...which were plentiful,” said former employee Robert Click.

Kenny’s sat where ProSigns is located today, on the corner of Big Hill Avenue and Heath Street. Half a century later Kenny’s Drive-In is still in our hearts! And for those wanting a little taste of those delicious coneys, try Naomi’s famous chili recipe here below! ~Taylor Six

1 1/2 lb Hamburger
1 bottle Heinz Chili sauce
1 chopped onion
1 teaspoon garlic
1/2 tsp salt
1 teaspoon sugar *optional
1 teaspoon vinegar
1 cup ketchup
1/4 cup yellow mustard
1/2 cup water

  Brown the hamburger over medium-high heat.  Drain.
  Mix in onion, garlic, salt, sugar, vinegar, ketchup, mustard and water
  Simmer on low for at least  20 minutes. Longer if you can keep from eating it!

About the Artist - Jered Campbell

Designer and maker specializing in typography, brand development, and packaging design for the beer & spirits industry. Collector of antiques and all things vintage. Lover of motorcycles, old music, and time-worn design.


Surge Small Batch, a passion project of Surge Screen Printing and Embroidery, is a premium, limited-run merch line featuring iconic businesses, events and people in our community. Each monthly release, or “drop”, is purposely hand-crafted in batches of 100 or less, with each item being hand numbered. And once they are gone....they are GONE!


Devon Price

Owner of Surge, serial musician and probably has mutual friends with you.

My favorite thing about Surge Small Batch is the nostalgia of the project. Obviously, some of the subjects are closer to me personally than others, but the project as a whole generates those old memories and feeling we all love to experience!

Matt Browning

Owner of Surge and lover of hiking and bourbon, just not at the same time.

The reason that I have love Surge Small Batch is because it brings our team together and grows us in so many ways. These drops stretch our muscles regarding the quality of merch experience that we can provide to our customers. I'm so excited to see how the project grows!

Casey McKean

Sales Manager at Surge and Brindle Doggie Momma who loves cruising in her Jeep.

I love being able to connect with our community even more, and providing them an outlet to tell their stories. I am also very proud of the quality of merch that we are producing. They are not only items that have meaningful stories, but the items are so nice, that anyone would be proud to own them!

Alex Jones

Production Manager at Surge and Paintball and Woodworking Ninja

At our core, I think we are all artists that are here to create. We take ideas that are important to you and make those into a reality. Small Batch is one of the few ways we get to take our own ideas of something that's important to us and just create something to share with with you.