by Matthew Browning January 19, 2017

In charge of getting more business to your gym or fitness center? Great! You have found the perfect article. I am here to try to convince you to give custom t-shirts a shot and how the right t-shirt can get your business noticed. Tried t-shirts and they didn't work, KEEP READING! Never ordered shirts for your gym? KEEP READING! Have a business other than a gym that you are trying to promote? This pertains to you too so KEEP READING! 

You may have already done t-shirts and haven’t seen much difference in your growth. Well, a lot of it comes down to your approach. What t-shirts did you use? Were they the most inexpensive ones you could buy? If that was the case, then that is likely the reason that you didn’t see much response to your efforts. 

I am sure like most people, you have a closet or a dresser FULL of promotional t-shirts that you never wear and are just collecting dust. This is because I am sure these t-shirts don’t feel all that special, and you don't like wearing them. Am I right? Well I bet you also have a handful of t-shirts that you wear over and over again and would rather get a root canal than part with. What is it about those shirts that you love so much? One reason may be because those shirts FEEL AMAZING.

This is likely the exact same case with your clients. Turns out when you were trying to save some money by buying the cheapest shirts available, you weren’t really giving your clients something that they would want to wear. Believe me, your clients would want to wear Next Level T-Shirts.

Next Level Tees at Surge

Next Level Brand has done a beautiful job creating a t-shirt that fits like a dream, that feels luxurious, available in a wide array of colors, and for screen printers, they print fantastically.

Did I tell you the best part yet? They are available at Surge for only $1.80 more than the cost of a basic tee.

I am sure that you work extremely hard to offer your clients a great experience when they come to your gym. The experience you provide your clients shouldn’t stop when they leave your facility. They should be able to wear that experience everywhere they go.
Give them a Next Level tee with your gym's logo on it, and they will want to wear it every where they go. 

Click HERE to get a quote and see how affordable the Next Level Tees really are!

Matthew Browning
Matthew Browning