by Kendall Clayton February 19, 2019

We’ve officially been in our new location for ONE YEAR! Over the years, we’ve experienced great growth in our family and our business. In honor of one great year, we’d like to reflect on our time and memories made in a new spot we now call home. Let’s take a look back on everything we’ve been working on this last year!
We kicked everything off with our Ribbon Cutting, inviting everyone in to print their own shirts, tour the new space, and just spend some quality time together.
We collaborated with many customers to bring their ideas to life. We love building relationships with each and every person that walks in our doors. You can start a collab today and join our story of 2019!
And our awesome sales team made many phone calls and emails to help those collaborations become realities.
Because of these collabs, we were able to print and embroider thousands of sweet shirts! Many of which were for great causes!

And helped plenty of teams look their best while playing their hardest!
We’ve watched a couple puppies grow!
We even hit ONE MILLION dollars in sales and we're pretty proud of that!
And lastly, we’ve been able to celebrate our wonderful staff through birthdays, work anniversaries, and our annual Surgies!
Surgie 1  Surgie 2
Surgie 3
We are so thankful to have grown to where we are today. We love being a part of the Richmond community family. So here’s to our 1 year anniversary in our new home, 11 years of business, and many years to come. Join us in making 2019 another great year!

Kendall Clayton
Kendall Clayton