by Matthew Browning May 23, 2017

We all seem to have those T-shirts that get pushed to the back of the drawer or slid out of the way in the closet.  And then there’s the soft one, that fits just right.  We wear that one over and over.  Most of my summer photos feature that shirt, paired with jeans, or shorts, peeking out from under a hoodie.  I’ll wear it until it falls apart.  So, what goes into creating a shirt you’ll love?  We believe there’s a balance of design, material, quality and fit that adds up to the perfect combination. 

Imagine having your logo, fundraiser, or event featured on a shirt someone loves that much.  How many people would wear it while shopping, on vacation, to work, to school, in selfies?  The exposure possibilities are endless for whatever message you’d like to get out there.  According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), in 2015, over 32% of promotional products sold were wearables.   It can’t be denied that using T-Shirts to reach your fundraising goals is a smart move.

Surge makes Fundraising with T-Shirts simple and hassle free.  Once we’ve worked out the details on design, garment choices, pricing & a due date, we’ll get started on an art proof for your approval.  Once approved, we can either create a custom order form for you to distribute, or set up a Webstore where your customers can choose from any color, size, or design options you are offering.  Lastly, we will print and deliver your orders.   

Our Surge team would love to work with you on getting your fundraising project up & running.  Whether you already have a design in mind, or would like to work with our graphic artist, Surge can help bring your vision to life.  Visit our Design Gallery here to view a sample of our work. 

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Matthew Browning
Matthew Browning