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You're sitting courtside at an NBA game, your favorite team is playing and they're up by 15 points just at the start of half time. You're having the best time of your life, the atmosphere is filled with great music and food, all while sharing it and making memories with close friends and/or family. Your team's promotional staff, just announced that free t-shirts will be launched in the crowd within the next couple of minutes! You proceed to leap for joy because you've heard so many good things about the graphics and quality of the free t-shirts! I mean, it's not every day that you go to an NBA game and get to leave with a quality souvenir and a memory behind it. Most people never stop to realize the great benefits of a promotional t-shirt other than the fact that it was cool and free, businesses such as Surge Screen Printing and Embroidery, Inc. make it a mission and take pride into helping create “your next favorite shirt.” By doing so, promotional t-shirt giveaways are one of most efficient and effective ways to help market a brand--especially a screen printing and embroidery service. There are many possible advantages and opportunities that come with such a strategy, but can expect to experience three main advantages: functionality, great branding, and demand.   With that being said, listed below gives a brief explanatory of each advantage and how this marketing give away still works! 


Within marketing teams, we make it a duty to first understand the motivation and desired outcome behind an impulse/limited time giveaway. Ideally, we'd prefer not to part with products that would be neglected by winding up in the garbage can and/or left behind intentionally. Consumers admire gifts that have some type of added value.  T-shirts are all-purpose and will never be out of style, its an original imprint of the dress culture within society so you can almost bet your life on it, that the free t-shirt will be used for something within that consumers life; whether it be used for a work-out shirt, a casual outing, or even PJ's. It's obvious that promotional tees can be used for any day-to-day task, but what's most important about this is it will doubtlessly help your brand exposure and image. Most people consciously or subconsciously collect miscellaneous t-shirts and keep them for years, making them a part of their everyday journey. It's the brand's duty to make sure that the promotional Tee gives a great first impression projecting: creativity, professionalism, meaning, and attractiveness. After all, it could be your 1st and only shot at making an impact--so you want to make sure it's properly targeted and executed with a strong approach and pleasant remembrance.  

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As said before, a t-shirt in the fashion world is thought of as a classic in which they will always be around--everyone loves a good slogan, graphic, and most of all quality tee. Therefore if produced and loved they will always wear your merchandise, resulting in an increase of sales, consumer base, and relevance! Your brand may target schools and local businesses, so you would want to ensure that you have the latest styles and formatting such as uniform looks for schools and promotional items for local businesses. In case you're stressed over your showcasing financial plan, shirts are super cost effective. You'll have the option to increase its advertising potential each time your clients wear them. Besides, requesting and buying in bulk tends to save a great amount of money. The key to executing a good t-shirt promotion is choosing the proper style, fabric, and quality!

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Great Branding

At the point when clients wear your special product, they naturally advance the brand. What's more, if many individuals do this, you'll achieve the most extreme brand exposure. Therefore, this enormously improves brand acknowledgment. This is most effective for smaller businesses wanting to make a mark in local areas, you just can't go wrong with a simple tee projecting primary info or advertisement. Promotional tees can reach anyone ranging from a local (potential consumer) or businessmen (potential opportunity) looking to help expand or sponsor a brand particular to yours! 

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