by Kelsey Day October 25, 2018

    What do you picture when you hear the words “work uniform”? I bet your mind goes straight to what we’ve gotten use to work uniforms being—something you have to wear; something you probably dread wearing because it’s boring and uncomfortable. Maybe you picture khaki pants, a belt and either a button up shirt or polo with your work’s logo on the left chest. Maybe you don’t have a uniform to wear to work and have to wear a suit and tie, dress and heels, etc., and that’s your work uniform. But something else to ask yourself is: “what are work uniforms turning into in the modern day?” This article will give you an idea of the modern uniform and how to achieve a comfortable and stylish look for your staff.

casual work uniforms

   Pulling from an article on SanMar titled “The New Power Suit”, the modern day work uniform is leaning towards sporty, comfortable styles and unique looks. Work uniforms are becoming more of “want-to-wear” instead of the “have-to-wear”. Companies are now looking to their work uniforms to be more flattering to a variety of body shapes, and also photo-worthy so employees will want to share pictures of them on their social media platforms. These modern work uniforms are also becoming more casual and comfortable to be more transitional work attire, so employees can easily transition from their work life to their personal life. It is also mentioned that even CEOS are starting to wear hoodies and tees; replacing the regular suit and tie, and dress and heels. So as the work uniform is changing in the modern day to more comfortable and unique styles, it may mean it’s time to switch things up in the workplace.

   Though it may seem intimidating to design a whole new custom look for yourself and employees, there are businesses out there that specialize in custom apparel, with screen printing and embroidery, and a wide variety of garments and colors—right at your fingertips. These businesses typically have in-house graphic designers that can create any idea you have in mind, tweak a logo you already have, or create something entirely new. These businesses are pros at keeping up with the trends, and have access to hundreds of garments that they’ll personally help you create an entire look with for your staff.

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   The importance of uniforms in the first place, as you probably know, is to create a united front—to create a team atmosphere. Uniforms are also great for keeping it professional, and encouraging the staff to dress for their job appropriately. Uniforms is the first experience and impression a customer has of your business—dressing the part sets the tone for your business. Not to mention Updated uniforms will give employees (and yourself) a nice change, while keeping up with trends and staying comfortable. Also employees being comfortable and liking their work uniform (with your business logo on them) enough to wear them even outside of work hours is great free advertising! So it’s worth it to update to a modern uniform, right? Of course! Reach out to a screen printing and embroidery business, like the one below, and get inspired and start collaborating on your new look!

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   The midtown uniform—a good example of modern day work uniforms is the midtown uniform. If you’ve never heard of this, the midtown uniform is a very popularized outfit defined by simply three garments- a button-down shirt, a fleece or quilted vest, and a pair of comfortable slacks. They are becoming so popular and noticeable that an Instagram account was created solely around the idea of the midtown uniform (@midtownuniform). This popular style is a prime example that more comfortable and business casual attires are being widely accepted in even corporate companies. Even if the midtown uniform isn’t what you have in mind, it’s an eye-opening statement that employees enjoy and prefer more dressed-down and comfortable attire.

Learn more about the midtown uniform in this article

midtown uniform

According to the SanMar article here’s some garments to consider when recreating your business’ work uniforms:

-Quarter zip pullovers with tailored details for a transitional work wardrobe


- Full zip jackets, 3-D branding, dipped cord tips, blackened nickel trims


-Full zip hoodies and cotton crew tees


-Long-sleeved t-shirt hoodies


-Extra soft fabrics, and special stitching details



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   After learning about the modern day work uniform, you might be asking yourself “is a work uniform worth investing in?” And the answer is yes! Uniforms provide a multitude of benefits for your business. In an article by UniFirst it is said that having a professional business uniform is proven to attract and retain customers. In modern society it is inevitable that how your employees dress will play a part in how customers judge your business. Uniforms also help differentiate your business from others—they help you to stand out and make a splash. If your business is retail, for example, uniforms also help customers be able to tell who is an employee and who is not. And for businesses in food, for example, uniforms go beyond how they look, and help keep your employees safe and clean. Uniforms may not seem like a crucial part of a business, but they do play a large role in your marketing and how your business portrays itself.

   Now that you’ve been introduced to the modern day work uniform, hopefully you’re inspired to keep your business fresh and rethink your work uniforms. But don’t fret—you don’t have to do it alone! Custom screen printing and embroidery businesses are a great start to get started on coming up with a unique, custom and personalized collection for you and your staff.

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Kelsey Day
Kelsey Day


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