by Kelsey Day November 16, 2018

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! It’s time to start thinking of all the people you love and gifts that you want to get for them. Along with family and friends, you might be thinking about what you can get your staff to show how much you appreciate them. You may also be struggling with deciding on the perfect gift for them. You may have the struggle of having too many employees to get something personal for each one. You may also have the struggle of having too many employees to get them all something in bulk that isn’t too expensive. And on the opposite hand, you may have a small business and a small amount of staff, but still want to get them something that feels personal and nice. If you’re struggling with these decisions, then this article will explain why new staff apparel is the best gift idea for staff, no matter how big or small your business is.

  1. It can be personal:

You can put a lot of effort into staff apparel. Think about your employees; is there an office inside joke you can refer to? Is there a clear preference for style or color amongst them? Do they have nicknames that you can include on a garment? There are a lot of things you can be specific about when it comes to choosing staff apparel that can make the gift feel personal to each employee. What’s also good to know is that custom screen printing and embroidery businesses like Surge Screen Printing & Embroidery, offer a very large variety of garment colors, styles, brands, and more! You can also choose to screen print or embroider any custom design or logo you may have in mind. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating custom apparel with businesses like this at hand!
holidays at the workplace

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  1. It’s affordable:

Another great thing about these types of businesses, is that majority of them run specials and monthly promos all the time to provide a multitude of ways to fit your budget (check out Surge's special for this month). Whether you have 50 or more employees, or only 12 employees, prices can always be altered based on your choice of garment, how many colors you want in your design, number of places you want screen printed or embroidered on the garment, and how many garments you get in total. And no worries, you don’t have to make these choices alone; Sales Representatives will be there to guide you through every step and give their professional opinion on what will look best for your staff while sticking to your budget.
holidays at the workplace

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  1. It’s practical:

One of the benefits of having a business that has uniforms for its employees, as stated in our previous article “Uniforms in the Modern Workplace", is that employees don’t have to think about what they wear to work every day; you’ve already done that for them by having a uniform or specific dress code. Getting your staff, a gift that they can use almost every day, and promote your business at the same time, is a smart gift. Check out some of the styles we suggested in our previous article. These styles of work uniforms are trending in the modern day workplace, so your staff will surely appreciate the extra effort to get them something they won’t dread wearing, but actually look forward to, and possibly wear outside of work hours, which means free advertisement for your business—it’s a win, win!
holidays at the workplace

  1. It’s fair:

Getting multiple gifts for people can be stressful in a lot of ways. One of those ways is making sure that everyone feels involved, and that nobody feels like they got the short end of the stick. Staff apparel is a great gift that ensures everyone will feel equal, because everyone got the same thing. Staff apparel is a great way to bring your employees together and make them feel like a unified front, and getting new gear is always exiting! And, with the customization options as mentioned earlier in the article through custom apparel businesses, the apparel can still feel personal to each employee, while still making them feel overall as one.
holidays at the workplace

So look no further for gifts for your employees this holiday season. Staff apparel is personal, affordable, practical and fair—it’s guaranteed to be loved and appreciated by your employees! If you’ve been convinced or inspired, check out Surge Screen Printing & Embroidery below to get started on your project!

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Kelsey Day
Kelsey Day